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What Causes Sinkholes and Why are They Dangerous?

What Causes Sinkholes and Why are They Dangerous?
We’ll be going over the reasons you should be concerned about sinkholes, and different events that can cause them to open.

While sinkholes don’t always take place, you can’t ignore the fact that they are possible. Sinkholes are incredibly dangerous, causing many fatalities and injuries throughout the years. They can open at any time and catch people off guard and can be difficult to predict. That’s why it’s important to be aware about what causes sinkholes and what makes them so potent. We’ll be going over the reasons you should be concerned about sinkholes, and different events that can cause them to open.

What Causes Sinkholes?

Heavy rainfall can take a toll on the ground, making it weak and shifty. For ground that is composed of soft sands, the water that builds up in the ground can easily rid the ground of this sandy foundation. This creates unseeable caverns that could open up even under small amounts of pressure. Sometimes, mining can cause sinkholes as well.

Sinkholes can be anywhere from a few inches to many hundred feet long. They can make buildings lean in one direction, or even swallow up entire vehicles or buildings. Here are a few warning signs that a sinkhole could be forming:

  • Cracks along the walls and foundations of buildings around or on top of a sinkhole
  • Small dips that appear along the ground
  • Buildings, trees, and fences that are tilting
  • Doors and windows that spontaneously became tougher to open
  • Cracks in sidewalks around a potential sinkhole

Injuries That Sinkholes Can Cause

Sinkholes are known to be capable of causing injuries and even fatalities. They can fill with water, which can potentially drown people if they can’t get out of the hole in time. The impact people sustain when falling in a sinkhole can be compared to the impact of a car crash, which can result in many injuries such as neck and back damage, concussions, broken bones, and sprains.

Sinkholes can also cause damage to property. If the ground under a car or building gives way, that car or building can fall in the sinkhole. This can result in many expensive repairs and renovations that have to be done, and it can take an extensive amount of time to recover from these damages.

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