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Sinkhole & Void Detection

Ground penetrating radar is the most reliable method for detecting sinkholes and voids in areas where subsurface materials are at risk of collapse. Whether a sinkhole or void is at risk of developing near a building or home or beneath a roadway, airport runway, dam, golf courses, or train tracks, GPR is the best way to prevent a disaster of potentially catastrophic proportions.

At Concrete Visions, our sinkhole locating services are carried out by industry veterans who understand the ins and outs of ground penetrating radar. We provide expert golf course mapping, void locating, sinkhole locating, and geophysical surveying throughout Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania.

Where do sinkholes and voids develop?

Sinkholes and voids may develop anywhere that subsurface materials are at risk of shifting and deflating. They are most likely to become a problem in areas with karst limestone, but they may also arise around any area with soft soil or where the subsurface material has been disturbed. Some of the most common causes of sinkholes and voids include mining activity and leaking or burst water or sewage pipes. Geophysical surveying can help identify potential sources of problems.

What are the benefits of GPR for sinkhole and void detection?

GPR provides high-quality imaging of both surface and subsurface materials. The scans offer two-dimensional cross-sectional image scans that offer an accurate and reliable diagnosis of potential impending soil problems. Ground penetrating radar offers an economical way of assessing the condition of soil. GPR is also incredibly safe as it releases a signal that is weaker than a cell phone.

Concrete Visions – GPR Sinkhole and Void Detection Experts

At Concrete Visions, we have over 25 years of experience in the concrete cutting, coring, and sawing industry and our field mechanics are highly trained to exacting standards in order to ensure that every job is completed with the utmost attention to detail. In addition to our expertise, we also require all of our employees to adhere to strict safety standards that ensure they complete every job in a way that preserves the safety of themselves, their coworkers, and those in the field. We offer incentives to our employees for good safety records and offer ongoing training so that we can be confident all of our staff members are completing their work to the highest standard that goes above and beyond the competition.

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