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Utility Locating

Many types of utilities can be hidden beneath roadways and paths, and when they are not adequately mapped before construction or rehabilitation begins, sewer lines, gas lines and/or communication lines can be hit with disastrous consequences. When there is a need for utility locating, it is important to work with an experienced company that has the skills and equipment needed to do the job properly and efficiently.

Traditional utility locating required the digging of trenches according to drawings, but when drawings do not exist or are inaccurate, it can be a major waste of time and resources. At Concrete Visions, we use a variety of methods, including ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic conductivity (EM) to identify and map underground utilities without causing disturbances to the concrete itself. These methods offer a high rate of accuracy and with over 25 years in the concrete scanning industry, Concrete Visions has the skill, personnel, and procedures in place to get the job done right. We offer utility locating services throughout Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Utility Locating Services

At Concrete Visions, we focus on providing low-impact utility locating services. Ground penetrating radar offers an accurate and reliable map of underground utilities and is able to locate certain underground utilities that other technologies are not able to perceive. GPR works best in sandy soils as clay is too heavy for the frequency to penetrate. The technology utilizes different frequencies depending on the depth of the project at hand but generally runs on 500 Mhz. However, 250, and 1000 MHz antennas may be used depending on how deep beneath the surface the utilities are located and the size of the service.

When GPR is unfeasible due to clay soil or other impediments, electromagnetic conductivity can be used instead. These tools analyze the conductivity of the soil and are thus able to perceive metal utilities buried below. Electromagnetic tools offer an accurate analysis of deeply located metal utilities.

Frequency locators are also an important tool for utility locating. This technology is able to perceive the energy that is emitted by buried electrical, phone, and fiber optic lines. Using these technologies according to the needs of your project, Concrete Visions is able to accurately map the location of any and all underground utilities before construction begins.

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