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Tank & Drum Locating

When gas stations and industrial facilities transfer ownership, they are often required by law to show proof that underground storage tanks and drums have been removed from the property. When there is no record of removal, it is up to the facility owner to hire a company to perform tank locating and drum locating services.

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) offers a non-destructive alternative to digging that provides an accurate and reliable assessment of tank and drum locations. When a tank or drum has been buried beneath concrete or asphalt, GPR is able to determine the depth of the materials as well as whether or not the area is being supported by rebar, all with no digging required. In the case that a tank or drum has been removed, GPR technology is also able to identify and confirm the location of its previous underground home. With over 25 years in the concrete scanning industry, Concrete Visions, a sister company of G&M Services, is able to provide trustworthy tank locating and drum locating services throughout Pennsylvania, Virginia, Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

Tank and Drum Locating Services

Whether required by law or simply needed for peace of mind, ground penetrating radar offers the most effective method for locating buried storage tanks and drums. It is important for new owners to be aware of the existence and location of underground tanks and drums in order to prevent the headache of an expensive environmental cleanup. When an underground tank is located, the subsequent removal can be prohibitively expensive and runs the risk of contaminating nearby soil, which is incredibly difficult to clean. It is in a prospective buyer’s best interest to be aware of this potential risk before putting in an offer on a facility that may sit on top of an underground storage tank.

GPR provides a non-destructive tank locating and drum locating method that provides accurate and real-time results. Our field mechanics are able to send the results of their GPR scan to their supervisor who then cleans up the image and forwards it to the client, ensuring an efficient and streamlined process. This geophysical survey offers insight into the location and depth of buried tanks as well as their associated piping. We are then able to mark this location before excavation or drilling projects begin to prevent the possibility of accidentally damaging the tank. In addition, further mapping services are available when a client needs a more detailed assessment of the tank’s location that is plotted to scale.

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