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Concrete Scanning

At Concrete Visions, we have been providing concrete scanning services throughout Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania for over 12 years. Our skill, expertise, and commitment to quality ensure that we complete any concrete scanning job efficiently and effectively. For embedded electrical service scanning, reinforced steel scanning, and any other job that requires the identification of what lies within and/or underneath your concrete, Concrete Visions has the experience needed to get the job done right.

When you need to locate obstructions before concrete is cut, concrete scanning offers a detailed look at what’s going on within and/or beneath the surface. We use ground penetrating radar (GPR) to complete concrete scans because it’s so much more effective than conducting concrete x-rays, a method used by many competitors. GPR is able to reliably identify rebar, holes, cracks, post-tension cable, and other potential sources of issues that could negatively impact your concrete cutting.

Why is concrete scanning better than concrete x-ray?

While concrete x-ray has traditionally been the concrete scanning method of choice, the emergence of ground penetrating radar technology has quickly proven to be far more effective. Concrete x-ray services emit harmful radiation, which can create a potential health hazard for workers and anyone nearby. In contrast, GPR creates no health concerns and does not require the extensive safety precautions that must be used with concrete x-ray.

What are the other benefits to GPR?

In addition to being free of health risks, GPR is also an incredibly effective method for locating obstructions. In 2010, Concrete Visions completed 6,800 concrete scans and out of these, only 7 incidents were reported. GPR offers 3D imaging which offers a more detailed analysis that can save headaches down the line (though if you need a budget option, 2D imaging and line scanning is also available). Concrete can be scanned to a depth of up to 24” and results are offered in real time.

When would GPR concrete scanning need to be used?

For any job that requires an analysis of what lies within and/or beneath your concrete, GPR concrete scanning services offer a reliable and effective method. GPR can be used to for reinforced steel scanning, embedded electrical service scanning, and locating wire mesh, rebar, dowel rods and tie-bars, conduits, and post-tension cables within concrete structures. Concrete Visions has extensive experience with completing GPR concrete scanning in a variety of applications so we are able to handle any job with ease, no matter your needs.

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