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Defining FireStop and Knowing How it Works

Defining FireStop and Knowing How it Works
Understanding the different parts of a FireStop system can help you to understand how they work.

FireStop is a term used to refer to any passive fire protection system and sometimes used to refer to the individual components of such a system. For the most part, these systems act to seal doors or other openings and joints in any fire-resistant walls. The reasons to have them is to stop the spread of a fire, hence the name, and keep the people residing in the building safe while they evacuate. Understanding the different parts of a FireStop system can help you to understand how they work, as each part does a different job in stopping the spread of fire.


One of the main places for fire and smoke to spread is along the edge of the slab because it can easily move between rooms here. The Slab Edge FireStop is the component that blocks this spread here, and it is technically included in the fire safety rating of the slab itself. 


The curtain wall is an individual component of the FireStop system. It is a thin wall that is framed with aluminum, and it contains in-fills of metal, glass, or stone, which act to limit the spread of fire since they are non-flammable materials. 

Top of Wall

The area at the top of a wall assembly has a gap, which can allow fire and smoke to travel between rooms. Top of wall FireStop is a fireproof material that is used to fill that gap and stop the spread.


The place where floor and wall assemblies meet is called the joint, and any joint could potentially be a place for fire and smoke to spread. Joint FireStop is intended to protect these joints and block them as a place for the fire to spread.


Any pipes that are installed through the walls create a place for fire and smoke to spread because of a phenomenon called pipe penetration. Literally, because the pipes penetrate the walls, fire and smoke could travel through those small gaps around the pipes. This goes for any pipes or utilities, including HVAC, mechanical, and plumbing. Pipe penetration FireStop fills in those gaps and protects your building from the possibility of fire spreading through them. 

Concrete Visions Will Get The Job Done Right

Concrete Visions has been working with clients for over 25 years. Our G&M Services installers are certified with the industry’s major firestop product manufacturers. As part of our firestop service, we can assess abnormal field conditions and, with the manufacturer’s technical support assistance, provide engineering judgments in a timely fashion to comply with contract specifications. Our Field Mechanics undergo ongoing training, including mandatory monthly safety meetings, weekly Toolbox Talks where safety and equipment information is shred, and trainings on safe work standards and safety best practices.

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