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Newly Poured Concrete: Protecting it From Rain

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You should apply a sealer to poured concrete every two to five years.

Inclement weather is dangerous for concrete. Pouring it without the best conditions means that the concrete will need many repairs down the line. Even so, workers don’t always have the luxury of working in perfect conditions. Fortunately, there are many ways to mitigate weather-related issues and protect newly poured concrete from rain. 

There are also days when a team should stop working altogether and work on a more suitable day, which you should feel prepared to explain to a client. Here is our take on how to protect newly poured concrete from rain. 

Cover the Area of the Poured Concrete

The poured concrete will weaken if there’s severe rain and too much water gets into the concrete. You’ll need to cover the area and attempt to keep the rain as far away from it as possible. If the concrete has some time to set and you can keep the water from seeping in, this will keep it from becoming weak. 

Let clients know that if they spot tree rot or debris in the slab, cracks, or sprouting, there isn’t any time to wait. A professional must open up the concrete and do repairs to keep moisture from seeping. When there is damage, it’s time to determine its extent to figure out what happens next. 

Pressure washing helps. If pressure washing chews up the poured concrete, it needs removal. However, you can investigate resurfacers if it leaves you with a stable substrate. Resurfacers aren’t hard to use so long as there is a clean and sound substrate. 

Apply a Sealer 

You can wait a month after the concrete cures to apply a sealer. You should apply a sealer to poured concrete every two to five years. Rain and UV elements can hit the concrete hard. Therefore, using a sealer helps. It’s also best to ensure that the concrete stays clean. 

Additionally, anyone who’s not a professional shouldn’t pour concrete. DIY approaches claim to save money. However, it’s often not worth the hassle or mess. You might be surprised to discover how hard it is to mix and apply concrete properly. Adding extra water to concrete mixes is a mistake because it makes it more challenging to work with once this happens. 

Concrete Visions offers specialized concrete services such as concrete scanning, cutting, and coring. In short, concrete services require the skill and expertise of someone who knows the potential hazards and how to deal with them. Contact us today if you’re looking for an expert in concrete scanning and utility location. 

Concrete Visions Will Get The Job Done Right

Concrete Visions has been working with clients for over 25 years. Our G&M Services installers are certified with the industry’s major firestop product manufacturers. As part of our firestop service, we can assess abnormal field conditions and, with the manufacturer’s technical support assistance, provide engineering judgments in a timely fashion to comply with contract specifications. Our Field Mechanics undergo ongoing training, including mandatory monthly safety meetings, weekly Toolbox Talks where safety and equipment information is shared, and training on safe work standards and safety best practices.

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