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Signs That You May Have a Sinkhole

Signs That You May Have a Sinkhole
To help determine if you have a sinkhole forming, try watching for these warning signs.

Many people have seen sinkholes at some point in their lives, whether that be from real-life experience or because they saw one in the news. They are fascinating, yet dangerous, works of nature, and the aftermath of a sinkhole can be devastating. You want to do what you can to prepare for if a sinkhole were to form somewhere near you. Knowing when a sinkhole is forming is imperative to preserving people’s safety. To help determine if you have a sinkhole forming, try watching for these warning signs.

Round Circular Depressions On The Ground

A sinkhole won’t suddenly form. Before the ground gives way, the earth will start to depress. The depressions in the ground will often be in a circular shape. Also, compare that depression in the ground with the rest of the landscape. If the circular area is significantly lower than other spots in the area, that should signal to you that a sinkhole is forming.

You Noice Circular Lakes

While not all lakes serve as a warning sign for sinkholes, you should be wary of circular lakes. Sometimes, lakes can form as a result of a sinkhole that caused the ground to collapse and then fill up with water.

A Foundation Settling

A sinkhole doesn’t have to form under uninhabited land. Sometimes, they can begin forming right under your residence. If you notice that your building is starting to drop and crack, it’s possible that a sinkhole is forming right underneath it.

You See Cracks in Roads and Pavement

Cracks in roads and pavement can appear for many different reasons. One of those reasons could be that a sinkhole is beginning to develop.

A Sudden Drop of Well Water Levels on a Site

A sinkhole can also influence the level of well water in a given area. It’s possible that a sinkhole could be changing the water table underneath the site.

Rainwater Starts Disappearing into Ground Openings

If you start noticing that rainwater suddenly starts vanishing, this should raise an eyebrow. This is because that rainwater could very well be going into an underground void.

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