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Sinkhole Locating: Signs A Sinkhole Could Appear

Learn about the signs that a sinkhole could appear.
Learn about the signs that a sinkhole could appear.

Recognizing the signs of a sinkhole forming early can be incredibly difficult. Not only are they highly dangerous, but all of their work happens underground making them nearly impossible to spot. Fortunately, there are a few things you can look for to help identify the risk of a sinkhole forming before it bursts. 

Depressions In Earth 

Before a sinkhole can collapse, it often begins to sag or droop. This process creates a depression in the earth, and it’s often visible in the shape of a circular crater. While this doesn’t always occur, it is highly common. This is particularly obvious when the depression is lower than the surrounding ground. In some cases, these depressions may fill with water forming a large deep puddle or even a small pond. 

Uneven Foundation Settling 

Having a sinkhole form under your home is a frightening thought, which is why knowing what to look for is so important. One of the most telling signs that a sinkhole risk is there is if your foundation seems to be settling in an uneven fashion. Measuring the depth of your foundation is a good first step, if it doesn’t fit local building codes, it may be time for more intensive research. 

Cracks In Roads And Pavement 

There are many reasons that paved areas form cracks, but one of them is that there may be issues in the subgrade, such as a sinkhole. If cracking in paved areas is found, you’ll want to start the process of ruling out the cause quickly so you can be sure what you’re dealing with. 

Changes In Water Behavior 

Another great way to analyze the risk of sinkholes is to look at the ways that nearby water is behaving. If there is a well on the premises, a sinkhole will affect the water table and will cause the well level to drop. Additionally, an opening to a sinkhole will affect the way that rainwater interacts with the environment. If you notice that areas that once flooded suddenly have rain disappear, it may be a sign that water is entering a sinkhole.  

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