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Do You Need Roadway Inspection Before Repairing Winter Damage?

roadway inspection

Harsh winters can do some damage to roadways, but not all damage is obvious to the naked eye.

The harsh and unpredictable winter weather can often do a number on roadways, causing potholes, cracking, and all sort of damage. While it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible for safety, liability, and aesthetic reasons, your roadway might require a little extra TLC, depending on the extent of the damage. You may want to consider a roadway inspection as well.

What Is Roadway Inspection?

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is highly useful when it comes to roadway inspections. Often, before any work can be started on a roadway, a detailed and thorough inspection is required to accurately gauge the pavements condition. This can often find major cracks and issues below the surface in a wholly non-invasive way that does not do further unnecessary damage to the pavement. Roadway inspection is also often done after work has been completed to ensure it has been finished without creating any extra issues beneath the surface of the roadway.

What Can Roadway Inspection Find?

While it is well known that wear and tear and weather conditions can take their toll on a roadway, even the salt used to mitigate winter issues can contribute to wear. Many facets of construction, such as drilling and mining can also contribute to the formation of sinkholes. Heavy traffic on popular or large roads can also degrade structures built on or avoid the ground over time, contributing to sinkholes. Many way of inspection, before GPR, used to also contribute to damaging roadways over time.  

Do You Need Roadway Inspection?

As in many cases it is now required before and after work is complete to get a full picture of the roadway to assess the damage, and the success of any remediation projects, it is very likely that roadway inspection using GPR will be something you have to utilize in order to ensure your roadway is in the best condition possible.

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