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The Basics of Firestop


Firestop is installed during construction to prevent the spread of a fire if it starts.

Firestop is the difference between a rapidly spreading multiple alarm fire and a relatively contained and easily extinguished one. Whether you are a property manager or building owner, firestop is critical to protecting your investment and everyone and everything inside of the building. Firestop can refer to the pieces of your fire protection system or the entire system itself. Here is some information on how firestop is a necessity for your building.

The Parts of Firestop

Firestop can include many different parts and elements of your building, including:

  • The Slab Edge: This is the perimeter that allows fire and smoke to move in between rooms easily. Using a slab edge firestop helps to reduce the spread and make the slab more fire-resistant.
  • Curtain Wall: This is a wall framed with aluminum that is very thin, with metal panels, small stones, or glass to fill in the middle.
  • The Top Wall: Creating a small gap at the top of walls allows smoke and fire to travel from floor to floor quickly. Filing in that gap with a fireproof compound can increase your fire safety.
  • Pipe Penetration: Firestop can seal opening that were made to do pipe, HVAC, or plumbing work behind walls. These small holes can literally fuel a fire.

Why is Firestop So Important?

Firestop can make your building much safer and more secure. Having firestop systems properly installed is crucial to them working well, as poorly installed products won’t be able to get the job done. Concrete Visions has the skill and expertise to design, install, and inspect your firestop system to keep you, your employees, and your customers safe every day. We are certified as an approved contractor for Firestop, so leave all of your needs to us.

The Firestop Difference from Concrete Visions

Concrete Visions has over 12 years of experience and expertise in concrete scanning and we know how to detect any problems lurking beneath the surface. We use ground penetrating radar accurately and expertly and are familiar in many other methods that can be used when appropriate like concrete x-ray and electromagnetic conductivity. We are also very familiar with the latest construction safety techniques and train all of our workers to do their work quickly, accurately, and safely.  If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, give is a call at (410) 766-2210 or visit us online. For more articles and tips, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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