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What is Known and Unknown About Sinkholes

What is Known and Unknown About Sinkholes

Here is what we currently know and don’t know about sinkholes.

Can you envision leaving your house to get ready for work only to find that there is a gaping hole that suddenly swallowed your car? This is the nature of sinkholes. They are devastating and unpredictable. In one moment, everything can be peaceful, and in the next moment, a catastrophe takes place. This doesn’t mean you should be worried about falling into a sinkhole at any given moment. There are certain events that cause sinkholes, and there are measures you can take to keep yourself safe. Here is what we currently know and don’t know about sinkholes.

Causes of Sinkholes

The cause of sinkholes is pretty straightforward. They are caused by moving groundwater that erodes rock found just underneath the soil. When the rock becomes eroded, it leaves a massive underground cavity, and this cavity will cause the ground in the nearby vicinity to collapse.

While this may sound like it’s easy to notice, it’s harder than it seems. This is because the technology needed to locate these underground cavities can’t be used very easily. The technologies that can be used in these situations aren’t as reliable.

Certain risk factors can make it easier to predict when sinkholes will become problematic. As an example, mining jobs can make the ground unstable, which makes sinkholes more likely. Weather is another variable at play, and moist and tropical climates are the ones that face more sinkholes than dry climates. Sometimes, heavy rainfall, as well as bursting pipes and sewers, can cause sinkholes as well.

Where Are Sinkholes More Commonly Found?

It’s usually in places in which bedrock is soluble that you will find them. Usually, the bedrock will be material such as dolomite rock or limestone. Florida is a state that sits on top of limestone, which is a driving factor for why the state is so susceptible to sinkholes.

How Common Are Sinkholes?

The chances of any severe sinkhole problem occurring are not high. When accounting for all of the sinkholes that form on an annual basis, it’s estimated that there is only a 1% chance that catastrophic damage will take place, though getting an exact number isn’t easy. We also have to consider that not all sinkholes get reported, and ones that pop up in rural places might not get noticed at all.

If you suspect that there could be a sinkhole near you, stay away from the area and mark that area using either tape or fencing. After that, get in contact with a professional so that they can take all of the necessary steps for addressing the issue.

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