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Types of Sinkholes

What Causes Sinkholes and Why are They Dangerous?

We’ll be going over the reasons you should be concerned about sinkholes, and different events that can cause them to open.

It’s unnerving to think about sinkholes. One moment, it feels like you’re on solid ground, and in the next, the ground you trusted starts crumbling from underneath your feet. Don’t let this make you paranoid, though. Sinkholes are a rare occurrence. That said, their power should be respected. They occur whenever the ground underneath the surface is unable to support the land’s surface anymore.

There are many types of sinkholes you can find. They are caused by a variety of factors, and knowing about all of them can help you stay safe. Let’s go over the different kinds of sinkholes.

Dissolution Sinkholes

These sinkholes are created due to dolomite and limestone dissolving over time as a result of water making contact with rock. Sometimes, water will flow into openings that are already present on the rock, Other times, water may accumulate in one area and weigh down on one spot of the surface for an extended period of time. Debris may get carried into ones that start to develop, which can plug up the outflow temporarily. You may see shallow depressions and gently rolling hills if these types of sinkholes are forming.

Cover-Subsidence Sinkholes

These are the types of holes that will form gradually whenever covering sediments are permeable and have sand in them. If you live somewhere with thicker cover material or anywhere with more clay-like sediments, you’re not as likely to find these types of sinkholes. Sinkholes that do exist in these areas are often smaller and go unnoticed for a long time.

Cover-Collapse Sinkholes

These are the types of holes that can appear very suddenly (over a couple of hours). They can deal extraordinary damage and are incredibly dangerous. They are likely to form in places where covering sediments have a lot of clay in them. As time goes on, erosion, surface drainage, as well as the deposition of sediment start to turn sinkholes with steep walls into depressions that are more shallow and shaped like bowls.

Ones Caused by Humans

Some holes are artificially made. Whenever there is human interference, and they change water drainage patterns, problems can occur. They can also happen when the land is altered as well. This is largely in part because of significant weight distribution changes. When masses of land suddenly have to take on much more weight, the strain can be too much, causing a sinkhole to form.

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