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Concrete Cutting Tips

Concrete Cutting
Here’s how you should be cutting concrete.

Concrete cutting is an important part of many construction projects. Both commercial and residential projects use concrete cutting for utilities and other purposes. If you’re a new industry professional or undertaking a DIY project of your own, here are some of the most important concrete cutting tips.

Tools for the Job

You can’t cut concrete effectively without the right tools. Not only will your tools make for efficient cutting, but they’ll also keep you safe. A sledge hammer is the right choice for concrete slabs slimmer than four inches wide and for concrete that isn’t reinforced. Thicker and reinforced concrete will require a power tool like a hammer drill, electric breaker, or a pneumatic jack hammer. Before you use any of these tools, make sure that you have the correct techniques and procedures in mind.

Start Slow

Before you drill or hammer your way directly though the concrete surface, it’s a good idea to start with a surface cut. First, mark the location that you intend to drill or hammer with chalk. Next, using a circular saw, cut along that marking as deeply as you can. This will give you a neater and more precise cut as you completely break through the concrete.

Cutting Through

Concrete cutting is not a quick and dirty operation. To be safe and achieve a precise cut, you should remember to take your time. Whichever tool you’re using, use the tip to methodically chip away at the concrete. Use your chalk marking as your guide. A great tip is to work from one corner. You’ll notice as you move along that the working will become much easier the more concrete you break through.

Protect Yourself

Although you’re going to take every measure to control the circumstances while you cut, you can never be too safe. The debris and chunks of the materials can fly up toward your face or even fall onto your feet. Use heavy-duty gloves, protective eyewear, and other personal protective equipment to ensure your safety.

Concrete Cutting and Coring Services from Concrete Visions

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