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Concrete Cutting Basics

concrete cutting

Learn about the basics of concrete cutting.

There are many approaches to cutting concrete. Professionals have many tools at their disposal for getting the job done, depending on the specifications of the project. Read on to learn more about the basics of concrete cutting.

Slab Sawing

Slab sawing, also known as flat sawing, works the best on flat surfaces. It’s the most common method of concrete cutting and is often used on parking lots and driveways. Slab sawing uses an electric saw because they are relatively simple to maneuver across the surface. However, electric saws are dangerous in wet environments and professionals have to keep weather conditions in mind when choosing a method.

Wall Sawing

The purpose of wall sawing is in the name – for cutting down or creating openings in existing walls. Most professionals use wall sawing to input areas for the purpose of installing windows or doors. There is a specific amount of pressure and precision necessary when using this concrete cutting technique.

Hand Sawing

Hand sawing is a portable and convenient method for cutting concrete and is especially useful on smaller projects. Professionals typically use hand saws for pipes and air ducts.

Diamond Wire and Blades

Diamond is known as one of the strongest natural materials around. When it comes to concrete cutting, there are two methods that use diamond – wire and blades. Diamond wire concrete cutting features diamond-edged wire for large concrete blocks. Diamond blades are usually the right choice for particularly stubborn and sturdy concrete.

Masonry Blades

Although not as strong as diamond, masonry blades should also be a top choice for tough concrete cutting projects. Masonry blades are also more affordable than diamond which is an important detail if your project is budget-conscious.


If precision isn’t necessary and it’s just important to remove as much concrete as possible, if not all of it, then jackhammering is the way to go. It’s probably the most well-known method on this list and one of the fastest.

Concrete Cutting and Coring Services from Concrete Visions

Concrete Visions has over 12 years of experience and expertise in concrete scanning and we know how to detect any problems lurking beneath the surface. We use ground penetrating radar accurately and expertly and are familiar with many other methods that can be used when appropriate like concrete x-ray and electromagnetic conductivity. We are also very familiar with the latest construction safety techniques and train all of our workers to do their work quickly, accurately, and safely.  If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, give us a call at (410) 766-2210 or visit us online. For more articles and tips, follow us on Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn, and Google+.

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