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Why Use GPR for Septic Tank Locating?

septic tank locating

Finding tanks and drums with GPR is fast and reliable.

There’s nothing but a headache waiting for you if your septic tank gets clogged. Clearing the clog can be the easy part, but finding the tank in the first place can be a real struggle. If your tank is under concrete, you don’t have any manual way of locating it without the help of ground penetrating radar. Even when tanks are buried in yards beneath soil, GPR is a better option because it’s accurate, fast, and more reliable than other methods of septic tank locating.


Ground penetrating radar uses a transmitter, receiver, and central computer to send radio waves into whatever is being scanned. The waves then bounce off of whatever is beneath the surface and come back to the receiver. The computer is then able to interpret the signals and provide a 3D image of what’s underground.


Since the entire system is housed within one component, a GPR scan result can be printed and interpreted by a trained professional as soon as the scan is completed.

Other Methods

The more analog technique of locating your septic tank is to use a probe to poke the ground and find your tank. First, locate the sewage line from the installation paperwork from when the tank was installed. You should be able to get an approximation of where the tank could be from the map. If you weren’t the original owner or inherited the tank from a previous owner and don’t have the paperwork, well, this might be tough. If you can find the sewage line from your house, use the probe to follow the line from the house to the tank. How do you tell when you’ve finally reached the tank? Your guess is a good as ours.

Choose Concrete Visions for All Your GPR and Concrete Scanning Needs!

With over 12 years of experience in concrete scanning, Concrete Visions knows how to best serve its client. We are well versed in ground penetrating radar, and understand that in some cases other methods need to be dispatched. Whether it’s the use of concrete x-ray or electromagnetic conductivity, we have the knowledge, skill, and tools to complete the job. If you would like to learn more about who we are and what we do, or would like to request a quote, please contact us.


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