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Ways That Hurricanes Can Be Associated With Sinkholes

Ways That Hurricanes Can Be Associated With Sinkholes

Here are the ways in which hurricanes have associations with sinkholes.

Hurricanes are devastating storms known for the catastrophic damage they can cause. Beyond their initial impact in affected areas, hurricanes can also bring about another problem: sinkholes. Sinkholes can be very dangerous. They develop right underneath people’s feet, and they may not be easy to notice right away. Knowing how hurricanes cause sinkhole problems could make people more alert and vigilant when looking for signs of sinkhole development, which in turn could better prepare them if one was ever to form. Here are the ways in which hurricanes have associations with sinkholes.

First of All, What is a Sinkhole?

A sinkhole is a hole that gets caused by an erosion process that takes many thousand years. Usually, they pop up in places that have limestone inside of 100 feet from the land’s surface. Many sinkholes reach diameters of only 12 feet at most, but there are some holes that can become much larger, reaching lengths of many hundred feet! 

Heavy Rain Might Make the Ground Become Heavy as Well

The torrential downpours caused during hurricanes can cause the ground to get much heavier in certain areas. This can cause the ground to collapse and create sinkholes. Sinkhole activity can be accelerated by any kind of strong rainstorm or flood due to the fact that all of the rock in the ground gets exposed to much more water.

This huge rainfall during hurricanes also brings about acidic water, and if there isn’t sufficient drainage in the area, this water can be pooled into sinkholes.

Are Sinkholes Able to Be Prevented?

There are a lot of natural sinkholes that are not able to be prevented, which unfortunately means that the ones caused by hurricanes can’t always be stopped. Some, however, are caused by human intervention, and these are sometimes possible to keep from happening, especially when the sinkhole is caused due to over-pumping groundwater.

If a sinkhole has already formed, you can at least use ground-penetrating radar (GPR) to help find the hole before it has a chance to develop too much. Find a company in your area that knows how to use GPR so you can have the best chance at preventing disastrous situations from occurring.

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