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Four Facts About Sinkholes

Four Facts About Sinkholes
Here’s what you’ll want to know regarding sinkholes.

Sinkholes are a significant threat to many places. Some areas are more affected than others, and, oftentimes, they can pop up without prior warning. Not only are sinkholes an eyesore; they also pose a serious danger to buildings, roads, and civilians. Here’s what you’ll want to know regarding sinkholes.

Sinkholes Aren’t Always Caused Naturally

There are different types of sinkholes. Some occur naturally as a result of dolomite and limestone dissolving near groundwater. Leaky pipes, bad surface water management, and changes in rainfall can cause these sinkholes to develop more quickly.

Other sinkholes are human-made. They can be caused by construction activities such as drilling and mining. Sometimes, utilities that aren’t properly maintained are the culprits, while other times, these holes can be caused by soil that isn’t compacted properly.

There are Three Main Types of Sinkholes

Sinkholes tend to fall into three main categories: Solution, Cover Subsidence, and Cover Collapse.

Solution variants happen because of water erosion. The erosion degrades dolomite bedrock and limestone over time.

Cover Subsidence holes grow gradually. They occur when bedrock coverings like clay and sand fall into the holes and cracks of a rock. This establishes an observable surface depression where water can gather after it rains.

Cover Collapse variants tend to be large and occur suddenly. They happen when soil and supporting bedrock erodes. This results in the surface strat losing its ability to support its weight.

Sinkhole Dropouts Can Be Preventable

Sinkholes that are detected can sometimes be stopped from having their dropouts form. There are plenty of noticeable signs that can tell you if a sinkhole is in the works. Signs include leaning walls, doors that won’t shut, pooling rain, and soil that settles into a circular or semi pattern. If they are detected in the early stages, they can be prevented by having grout injected into them so that they have a steady new foundation.

They Are More Common in Specific States

Some states are more susceptible to sinkholes than others. Some of the more vulnerable states include Missouri, Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Florida has significantly more naturally-occurring and human-made sinkholes than any other state in the country.

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