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5 Common Concrete Problems To Look For


Keep an eye out for these common signs of concrete degradation.

Concrete, like all materials, can degrade over time if not properly maintained and cared for. While it is one of the longest lasting materials (ancient examples of concrete buildings are proof of its longevity), there are several signs of wear to keep an eye out for. If problems do arise a reliable concrete company can be brought in to make repairs that will fix or slow any damage.


If you notice any buckling the only way to repair it is to remove the affected area and replace it entirely. Fortunately, this type of damage comes from specific events, such as if a tree’s roots begin to grow under the structure. It can also be caused if there is an extreme heat hand thaw cycle.


If you notice discoloration it can mean several things, either the concrete was not installed correctly, or it has been stained by another material such as cleaning chemicals or vehicle fluids. It’s best to get a professional opinion before trying any cleaning methods as some cleaning methods may worsen the problems. Additionally, if the discoloration is caused by improper installation, you may need to make sure your concrete does not need repairs first.


While concrete cracks are relatively common, they can range in level of severity. Small cracks can be cleaned filled and sealed to repair them quickly while deeper cracks may require that the entire section is replaced.  


If a network of cracks begin to appear it is known as crazing and is often caused by improper mixing or installation. Often these have no structural consequences and are merely an aesthetic problem. To repair them a layer of resurfacing concrete is often the best method as paint and sealers may only make the crazing more noticeable.  


When you use salt on your concrete during the winter months, it can cause the surface to develop pitted marks known as scales. Often this can cause the surface to continue to degrade until it is adequately treated. Potential treatments include adding a layer of resurfacing concrete and adding a waterproofing finishing treatment to help prevent further damage

Concrete Construction Safety Tips from Concrete Visions

Concrete Visions has over 12 years of experience and expertise in concrete scanning and we know how to detect any problems lurking beneath the surface. We use ground penetrating radar accurately and expertly and are familiar with many other methods that can be used when appropriate like concrete x-ray and electromagnetic conductivity. We are also very familiar with the latest construction safety techniques and train all of our workers to do their work quickly, accurately, and safely.  If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, give us a call at (410) 766-2210 or visit us online. For more articles and tips, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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