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Why Saw Blades Can Fail

Why Saw Blades Can Fail + Reasons for Those Blades Failing

Here are some potential reasons for saw blades to fail.

Keeping your saw blades in working condition ensures that you can get construction projects done as efficiently as possible. One way to help your saw blades is to know how they can fail. This way, you can prepare for potential problems before they have a chance to arise. Here are some potential reasons for saw blades to fail.

The Corners of the Teeth Have Been Worn Down

Your saw blades have teeth that allow them to cut through all kinds of surfaces. However, these teeth don’t last forever, and there are many reasons they can start wearing down. Sometimes, the blades are moving too quickly, resulting in accelerated tear. In other instances, the coolant you use isn’t appropriate for your blade, meaning the blade doesn’t cool as it should. Perhaps you’re trying to cut through a highly abrasive material. Whatever the case, if you notice your saw blade’s teeth are getting worn down, you need to address the issue.

Wear on the Sides of the Teeth of the Saw Blades

It’s not just the corners that can be affected; the sides of your blade’s teeth can also get worn down. There are a couple reasons the sides of your saw blade’s teeth could get worn down. Some of these reasons include:

  • Material being cut is too hard
  • The blade ends up being too wide for the radius that you’re cutting
  • Too much speed on your saw blade, resulting in overheating.
  • Your saw blade’s teeth could be making contact with machine or guides

The Teeth of Your Saw Blades are Broken

Chipped and broken teeth are another problem your saw blades could experience. Like with other issues, there are many potential catalysts for this type of problem. Some of these enablers include:

  • Your chip brush isn’t getting the teeth cleaned sufficiently
  • You don’t have the right tooth pitch
  • Your feed rate is higher than it should be
  • Your feed pressure is higher than it should be
  • You either don’t have a coolant, or it’s the wrong kind.
  • Material isn’t held down properly, or it is in the wrong position, or the material is moving while cutting is taking place.

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