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Types of Concrete Saws and the Uses They Have

Types of Concrete Saws and the Uses They Have

Here are the different types of concrete saws and how they are used.

Are you currently trying to get a concrete cutting project completed? If so, you’ll be using concrete saws to get the job done. These saws are designed to penetrate through sturdy materials like brick and concrete, among other strong and solid materials. Knowing all of the different types of concrete saws is important because some saws work better in certain situations than others. Here are the different types of concrete saws and how they are used.

The Different Kinds of Concrete Saws

Concrete saws come in many different varieties. Each saw is different and will serve a different purpose from others. This means the saw you need will depend on what kind of job you need to be done.


Chainsaws are among the more popular saws people use. Using them, you’ll have a tool that offers unrivaled precision. This is because these saws have built-in hydraulics. These hydraulics give them the necessary strength for cutting through slabs of concrete, and they can penetrate as far as two feet into the slabs, if not a little more. But chainsaws are not designed to make either corners or lines on concrete.

Hand Saws

You can get hand saws in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Concrete cutting projects can be done with greater efficiency using them. They are capable of slicing through all sorts of masonry. Hand saws are better for making smaller cuts than what a chain saw can do.

Wire Saws

These saws can do well on larger chunks of concrete. They let you make very precise cuts and are suitable whenever you have to be concerned about pillars and foundations that may be lurking beneath the surface of the concrete.

Core Drills

These drills work well when penetrating through concrete surfaces. They perform well with cuts anywhere from a single inch to 5 whole feet deep. These drills are necessary whenever you have to put cables down and get a building wired.

How Concrete Saws Are Used

Concrete saws help pierce through many surfaces, including stone, bricks, and, unsurprisingly, concrete. They’re often used to create gaps and channels inside of concrete slabs. These saws require the experience of a professional to be used safely, so make sure the only ones handling them are the ones who have the knowledge to do so properly.

Concrete Visions Will Get The Job Done Right

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