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Tips For Efficient Concrete Cutting

concrete cutting

Check out these tips for efficient concrete cutting.

Concrete cutting is a valuable skill to add to your repertoire. Knowing how to efficiently and effectively cut concrete will allow you to add street joints if they’ve been forgotten, add decorative or functional edges to existing patios, and many other tasks. However, you can’t just grab a saw, make the cuts, and hope for the best. It is a process that requires know-how, so here are some tips to make it a little easier.

The Saw

No matter what, if you don’t have the correct saw for your job, it will not go as smoothly as you want it to. The most common types are Wet Saws, which dampen the cutting areas with a constant spray of water; Diamond Blades, which make the cleanest cuts for decorative elements; Walk-Behind Saws, which can handle large slabs easily; and Handheld Cutting Edge Saws, which can even tackle rebar.

The Blades

Keep a good stock of blades, including quantity and variety. A dull blade increases the likelihood that the concrete will fracture when you’re cutting it, and it increases the heat and dust produced which can damage the saw. There are also different blades for different jobs, so make sure you’re buying the right one. Choose durable blades, keep them sharp, and change them out when you need to.

The Dust

Interior projects, where keeping dust to a minimum will make your overall job easier, call for wet saws. If you’re cutting countertops or interior concrete floors, it will keep the dust from flying up and coating everything, and also makes it safer to be around the project. The most important thing to remember is that all electricity in or around the concrete needs to be off.

The Hidden Stuff

Have you used GPR to find out what buried materials are embedded in your concrete, like rebar or pipes? If not, you need to choose a saw and blades that can cut through them. Otherwise, when you hit them you could damage your equipment or even possibly cause injury.

The Curing

There is a sweet spot in the curing process that is ideal for concrete cutting. If it is too wet, it will fray, and if it is totally cured it could fracture. That day where it is fully hardened but only about half cured is the perfect time to cut.

Choose Concrete Visions for All Your GPR Needs!

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