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3 Tips for Using GPR


Keep these tips in mind when using GPR.

Ground penetrating radar is important and effective technology for going below the surface and seeing what we can’t see with our own eyes. It helps construction projects become much safer and more efficient by providing information about what, if anything, is located in the area of where you want to dig. In addition to construction projects, GPR is also used to purposely find buried objects, building foundations, archaeological research, and the creation of roadways. Here are three tips for using GPR.

Locating Utilities

Indeed, the purpose of using GPR technology is to look below the surface of the ground. However, using the technology can also disrupt what’s there if the operators aren’t careful. Therefore, before you even start your project, it’s a great idea to contact the local representatives of the municipality to have them mark any present utilities. They’ll have a record of where all utilities are located and be able to pass that information along to you so that you can avoid disrupting any important services to the community.

Methods of Using GPR

One of the most important factors in the effectiveness of using GPR technology is correctly setting the system up. The settings that you’ll use will depend on the scope of the project and the specifics of the equipment models that you’re using. A general rule is that the smaller the target, the more scans it will require. In addition, the more you know about the survey site, the better. Collect as much information as possible to assist with your use of the GPR technology, including site plans and local experts.

Consider Ground Conditions

The conditions of the ground in which you want to use the GPR technology will greatly impact the strength of the signal. Wet soil works best for generating a strong signal. On the other hand, dry soil causes more difficulty when trying to generate a signal and translate the information.

Concrete Cutting and Coring Services from Concrete Visions

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