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5 Things to Know Before Using a Frequency Locator

frequency locator

By following these five tips, you’ll be able to effectively and efficiently use a frequency locator.

Knowing how to locate utility lines underground before starting construction correctly is essential for proper development. As the ground becomes increasingly full of wires, this job continues to get harder, which is why we’re bringing you a quick, five-step guide to locating. By following these five tips, you’ll be able to effectively and efficiently use a frequency locator.

Call and Double Check the Marks

Before you begin any digging, make sure to contact all relevant parties to ensure you will not strike any utility lines. Every state has a one-call office available to help you provide that your digging spot is safe and sound to go.

How Locators Work

A frequency locator is used to check for underground lines. Most utility lines will have easy to spot signals, much like a radio station, and with the right training, you can be sure to use it correctly. This can help you to pinpoint where exactly a line is so you may avoid it. In the case of a utility line that is quiet, a transmitter can be used to induce a signal onto the metal line so it can be tracked.

Active Vs. Passive Locating

Knowing how both locating methods work is an essential part of safe locating. Active locating means that you are looking for one specific line by using an inductive or direct connection method. Passive is often used by contractors to sweep unknown areas and involves checking the area with a receiver.

Understand Ground Conditions

Different soil conditions can have different effects on your locating abilities. Wet clay, for instance, allows for enhanced conductivity and lets you get a good, bright look at your signals. Dry and sandy soil, on the other hand, makes locating difficult. You might try pouring water in the spaces you need to check.

Keep Ahead

Locator technology is not an industry that’s making massive changes, but it is essential to have a good understanding of the ways the industry has developed. Designers are always trying to make things easier, but that means you must also stay ahead of the game.

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