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Why GPR Is A Better Option Than X-Ray For Concrete Structure Scanning

Why GPR Is A Better Option Than X-Ray For Concrete Structure Scanning
We will be going over some advantages of using GPR instead of X-Ray.

Back in the day, people turned to X-Ray for concrete structure scanning. X-Ray provides high-resolution images that are unrivaled by any other method. However, in the recent past, people have turned to GPR (ground penetrating radar), which is a method that transmits electromagnetic waves into the concrete structure and analyzes the reflected energy. We will be going over some advantages of using GPR instead of X-Ray.


In X-Ray scanning, the workers carrying out the procedure are required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) because X-Ray scanning requires using certified radiographers, which can pose a serious threat to people. For this reason, a 100+ foot clearance is usually required when performing X-Ray scanning. GPR is a safer alternative because it doesn’t pose a threat to people. This also makes it easier to carry out the procedure, since it can be performed during regular business hours without great disturbance.

Real-Time Vs. Off-Site Processing

GPR can do inspecting on the spot, while X-Ray scanning needs off-site processing and development. The ability to perform real-time inspections makes post-scanning activities like saw-cutting and core-drilling much simpler, since they can be done in a more timely fashion.

Cost Effective

X-Ray scanning can take several hours to complete in its entirety. With GPR, you can scan an entire area in no more than an hour!

One Side Of Slab Needed Over Two

X-Ray requires both sides of a slab, making it unideal for on-grade slabs. On the contrary, GPR is much better-suited for on-grade slabs since it only needs access to one side of a concrete slab. As an added perk, GPR can also be used to detect targets beneath a concrete slab, such as underground utilities.

Better Penetration

GPR boasts a wide range of antenna frequencies, and can be incredibly versatile balancing between resolution and penetration depth. Usually, GPR penetration is better than X-Ray.

Depth And Thickness Estimation

GPR can provide the depth and thickness estimation of concrete structures. X-Ray very rarely offers this feature.

Concrete Visions Is The Company For You

We make use of precise, real-time scanning with the use of GPR technology. With over 25 years of experience in the industries of concrete scanning, coring, drilling, and sawing, Concrete Visions can make certain you’ll have the right outcome for your project. We take on jobs in Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia, and Pennsylvania

Our 3D GPR scans are complied with a series of cross-sections which offer a much more accurate representation of the area than 2D line scanning. Combining this with our extensive experience has given our accuracy a rating of over 99%.

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