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How Do I Choose a Reputable Firestop Contractor?

How Do I Choose a Reputable Firestop Contractor?
There are plenty of firestop contractors out there, but how can you find one that will get the job done right? Here are some things to look for when searching for a firestop contractor who can bring your facility up to safety codes.

Finding the right firestop contractor for your company is a tall task. After all, a firestop system seals off cracks and crevices with fireproof material to protect your building from fire and smoke in case of an emergency. This can be crucial to safely escape from a fire, so it’s essential to find a reputable firestop contractor you can trust. There are plenty of firestop contractors out there, but here are our tips for what to look for in a reliable firestop contractor who can bring your facility up to safety codes.

They Should Provide You With Documentation

Following any firestop project in your facility, a reputable contractor will be able to provide you with detailed documentation. This documentation should include a thorough analysis of the work conducted, maps of any floor plans labeled with the locations where firestopping was needed, as well as before and after pictures demonstrating the work done. Without this documentation, your facility could face a fine. When choosing a firestop contractor, be sure to ask candidates about this documentation. Any reputable firestop contractor should be able to provide this information.

They Should Attend Firestop Meetings

Many contractors maintain memberships with various organizations to stay up-to-date on various aspects of building codes. These also exist for firestop contractors and include organizations like the Firestop Contractors International Association (FCIA) and the International Firestop Council (IFC). You should be able to ask potential firestop contractors if they are a member of any of these organizations to ensure your project will be conducted to all the latest standards. Not only does this ensure your contractor is up-to-date on the latest building code information, but it will also ensure your facility is up to safety codes and regulations.

They Should Understand Building Codes

Building codes set a standard for completing work correctly while making sure that a facility and its occupants are safe. Make sure your contractor has a comprehensive understanding of the most updated building codes that will apply to your facility. This will ensure your building is up to snuff during a survey or inspection. Of course, this will also ensure that your facility is safe for any occupants and employees inside!

They Should Use the Right Tools

The right tools are required to do the job correctly. There are plenty of different tools and materials available for firestopping projects, but depending on the manufacturer, there may be different system requirements used for the project. A reputable firestopping contractor will have a good understanding of the materials and tools they use in order to ensure there are no hiccups during your next firestopping project.

Concrete Visions Will Get The Job Done Right

Concrete Visions has been working with clients for over 25 years. Our G&M Services installers are certified with the industry’s major firestop product manufacturers. As part of our firestop service, we can assess abnormal field conditions and, with the manufacturer’s technical support assistance, provide engineering judgments in a timely fashion to comply with contract specifications. Our Field Mechanics undergo ongoing training, including mandatory monthly safety meetings, weekly Toolbox Talks where safety and equipment information is shred, and trainings on safe work standards and safety best practices.

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