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Staying Safe When Drilling Concrete

concrete safety

Keep these tips in mind to ensure your personal safety while drilling concrete.

Concrete drilling is necessary but it can be dangerous. Making a mistake while you’re drilling concrete to lead to a serious injury or even death, so it is important to stay as safe as possible when you are doing this activity. To stay safe, you must have knowledge of safety tips, so here are some you can use.

Use Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is mandated for a very good reason. The various things you can wear offer you protection from sources of danger. One of the more important things to remember to wear is protective eyewear. When you are drilling concrete, dust will fly up and can get into your eyes. This could lead to complications with your vision in the future. Things like face shields and protective goggles with help prevent these issues.


You also need to protect your hearing. Drilling concrete can be a loud process, and you shouldn’t do it without having some protection for your ears. Invest in quality earplugs to ensure that your hearing will be protected while you are drilling.


It is also important to use safety gloves when you are drilling concrete. Your hands need to grip the drill and to be protected from it as well.


Other Tips

When you know where you are going to drill, do not start at the highest speed at first. Though you may be able to estimate the right speed you’ll need, it is important to start out slow. Once you do this, it’s important to make a hole that is shallow before you drill the first hole. This hole, the pilot hole, will help guide you. Be firm when drilling, but not forceful and keep the drill perpendicular to the concrete.


Some people believe that dust will inevitably build up whenever they drill concrete, but there are steps they can take to lessen the amount of dust. If you pull the drill out slightly and place it back in periodically, you will be able to remove some of the dust from the drill hole. Remember to keep your safety gear on at all times.


Construction Safety and GPR Scanning from Concrete Visions

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