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Staying Safe During A Construction Project

Construction Tips

Stay safe during your construction projects with these tips.

When you’re working on a construction site, the opportunity for injury can be endless. From the multitude of equipment, the site itself, and human error, there are plenty of ways someone can get hurt on a site. This is why safety is of utmost importance. Even when you’re following all of the safety precautions, there is still the risk of injury. However, it is much lower, and injuries are likely to be less severe.

Protective Gear Required

Every industry has its own recommended safety gear, and construction can use several types. Always ensure that your employees have all of the equipment they need readily accessible, particularly hard hats, and high visibility clothing. Ear protection, safety goggles, knee pads, and gloves may also be of use depending on the project.

Ensure Scaffolding is Maintained and Correctly Constructed

Scaffolding is always an immediate risk, ensuring that it is constructed completely correctly with no improvisations or shortcuts is essential. Additionally, it must be carefully maintained to be sure that it stays safe for the duration of usage.

Complete All Training

If there are relevant health and safety training available for your employees, you must ensure that they are completed and understood. Regular training and refreshers are critical to ensuring that everyone on your staff is aware of and up-to-date on all procedures.

Have Clear Signs

If there are hazards on site (as there often are), they must be marked with clear and consistent signage. Having visible notices can help cost-effectively reduce accidents to keep both employees and the public safe.

Use The Right Tech

Along with new technology that allows you to see what’s underneath where your digging and more, there are plenty of features that can help construction workers. Some can help you keep track of equipment while others can help ensure the safety of your crew.

Inspect Equipment and Tools Regularly

Ill-maintained and broken equipment can lead to a higher risk of injury, loss of limbs, and even death. Ensuring that tools and equipment are properly maintained is essential. If a piece of equipment is found to be broken or not up to code, it must be adequately and visibly tagged and removed from the sight if possible.


GPR Services from Concrete Visions

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