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Standing the Test of Time: The History of Concrete

history of concrete

Let’s dig deep and see why concrete has reigned supreme in the world of construction for thousands of years.

The history of concrete might not be something you think about on a daily basis, but it is, unquestionably, part of your daily life. It is a large part of contemporary construction, as it is used for all kinds of infrastructure, commercial, and residential buildings. Whether you realize it or not, the significance of concrete as a construction material dates all the way back to antiquity. Concrete has been used for thousands of years because of its versatility and strength. Some of the most ancient structures in the world are still standing because they were built with concrete. Let’s dig deep and see why concrete has reigned supreme in the world of construction for thousands of years.

Invention of Concrete

Concrete was invented, believe it or not, thousands of years before Christ. In the United States, our concrete structures are relatively new, so it’s hard to imagine that concrete is that ancient an invention. Concrete, however, is easy enough to produce when you have the correct ingredients and tools. Archaeologists point to the Ancient Egyptians as the inventors of the material. Around 3000 BC, Egyptians used concrete-like materials to construct the famous pyramids, all of which are incredible architectural wonders of the world.

Early Architecture

We are all familiar with the Ancient Roman ruins that are still very much intact today. The reason these amazing architectural works of art are still standing is because they are made, solely, out of concrete. Even at 2000 years old, the Pantheon and Coliseum are parts of the Roman cityscape.

Modern Uses

Our uses for concrete have very much stayed the same. Concrete is the most-used material in American infrastructure. To think that concrete is just as important to us in 2018 as it was to the Ancient Egyptians is mind-blowing. The concrete structures and roads we have in the United States withstand extreme conditions and heavy traffic. For these reasons, concrete is here to stay.

Prevent Concrete Deterioration with Concrete Visions

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