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Tips for Using a Concrete Core Drill

Concrete Core Drill

Concrete core drills have many uses, but you need to use them safely.

Concrete is just about everywhere these days–from foundations to pools to bridges. Performing tests on concrete to determine the core strength is absolutely necessary. You can also use a concrete core drill for installing lighting, plumbing, or HVAC units. But in order to properly use a concrete core drill, you need to do so with safety in mind.

Choosing the Right Drill

Whether you’re renting or purchasing your own drill, it’s important to make sure it will fit your application. If you’re drilling up to 3 inches in diameter, a hand-held core drill would work fine. Anything above that and you may need a rig-mounted drill or a concrete drill stand. Purchasing either of these might be an investment that will give you more flexibility as well.

Inspect the Drill

Inspection of the drill is crucial to making sure it will operate safely. First, unplug the drill. After it’s unplugged, check the power cable and plug for damage and be sure the vacuum seal is intact. Clean off any excess oil or grease. This is also a great opportunity to apply lubrication to the core drilling machine. Be sure that there are no missing parts before proceeding with your drilling.

Safe Operation

Once you’ve inspected your drill thoroughly, it’s time to put it to use. It’s important to wear leather gloves and remove any loose clothing. Be sure that you keep your fingers away from the drill bit, otherwise you run the risk of injury. Don’t be too rough with the drill either, never force the bit beyond its capability. If you’re unsure about how to safely operate a concrete core drill, contact a professional for help.

GPR Services from Concrete Visions

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