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The Different Types of Concrete Cutting

concrete cutting

Learn about the different methods to cut concrete.

Concrete cutting is an everyday need of the construction industry. It is used in numerous ways for different reasons, with all kinds of different saws. There are numerous types of sawing with different tools and methods available. If you want to know more about concrete cutting and sawing, read on.

Dry Sawing

This method often results in a lot of on site dust. This makes it suitable for outdoor projects. A diamond blade helps to keep the blade from heating without the help of water, and also lessens the amount of dust buildup. This technique involves a lot of tiny and quick cuts to be made. These cuts slowly become deeper and deeper and stops the blade from overheating.   

Wet Sawing

In this method, water is used to help lubricate and cool your saw blade. This leads to less creation of harmful dust and a cooler blade. This method helps lengthen the overall lifespan of a saw blade. It is also more environmentally friendly and safer for your health. Dust produced in this way has crystalline silica, which can negatively affect health.

Floor Saws

This type of saw is made to cut into flat surfaces. This includes slabs, concrete floors, and roads. They are generally used for road and pavement work, trenching and joints, and even demolition work.

Wall Saws

These are also often referred to as track saws. These blades are used for cutting holes in walls and other vertical structures. They are used to create doors, windows, and ventilation ducts. These saws are secured tightly to the target structure and on a track mounted system in order to cut with precision and deft accuracy.

Ring And Chain Saws  

These handheld saws are used for small and medium sized projects. These compact saws are used to cut brick walls, floors, and concrete pipes. There are different types of these saws to complete different types of jobs.


Construction Safety and GPR Scanning from Concrete Visions

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