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What to Look for When Choosing a Core Drilling Contractor

As you narrow down the choices, find out their answers to these crucial questions to help you choose a core drilling contractor.

There are many reasons that your project might require core drilling. Almost all construction jobs will eventuallyneed to core drill the concrete. Some projects require more involved core drilling, resulting in samples that can be analyzed, for chemical assay or metallurgic study, for instance. When the time comes to choose your core drilling contractor, you may find there are lots of options. As you narrow down the choices, find out their answers to these crucial questions to help you choose a core drilling contractor.

Do They Have The Experience?

There is no substitute for experience, so one of the first details you should look into is the experience of your core drilling contractor candidates. They should have experienced foremen and crews and be able to point you towards references that can speak to you about their work. When your candidates give you references, take the time to follow up and talk to them.

Can They Accommodate The Complexities Of Your Project?

If there is any chance that you may need to modify the tasks during the work, make sure that your possible candidates know about it up front and can accommodate the changes. They should have access to equipment that is maneuverable and compact enough to fit in tight corners if the need arises. Finally, they should have experience with both underground and surface drilling whenever possible so that they can accommodate all potential needs of your project.

Can They Reach Your Job Site?

Most job sites in urban areas are easily reached, but if your job site is remote, it may be challenging to get the core drilling equipment there. Find out if the prospective core drilling companies can manage equipment delivery in unusual terrain. This may include having to establish new roads and then reclaim or recover the land once the job is through. Sometimes it even requires delivering equipment by helicopter. If your project may have unique requirements for delivery of tools, make sure your candidates can accommodate them.

What Are Their Safety Standards?

You should never hire a core drilling specialist without talking to them about their safety standards. They, of course, must follow all federal, state, and local codes and laws. They must also meet OSHA, MSHA, DOT, and EPA requirements. On top of that, they should align with your safety policies or be willing to follow them. If you’re building for a client, they should also be prepared to align with your client’s safety procedures. 

Concrete Visions Will Get The Job Done Right

Concrete Visions has been working with clients for over 25 years. Our G&M Services installers are certified with the industry’s major firestop product manufacturers. As part of our firestop service, we can assess abnormal field conditions and, with the manufacturer’s technical support assistance, provide engineering judgments in a timely fashion to comply with contract specifications. Our Field Mechanics undergo ongoing training, including mandatory monthly safety meetings, weekly Toolbox Talks where safety and equipment information is shred, and trainings on safe work standards and safety best practices.

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